What does actually mean "Old Czech Hladinka" ("Flat Head Beer”)?

First, pour a small amount of foam into the glass by turning the tap on slowly, then open the tap for maximum flow and let the beer run onto the glass wall, creating the so-called “beer glass pole”, which is beer without turbulence, completely transparent. The whole process is completed by shutting the tap elegantly and quickly.


A little beer may occasionally flow over the rim of the glass. You can see the wavy effect of the rising “wet foam“. A gentle veil of foam rises up gradually in the glass. The beer steadies and at the end rises slowly.  These are the specifics of this drawing method.  The beer has a pleasant taste; it is not over carbonated or flat. The foam is absolutely soft and straight, after drinking, it makes circles on the glass walls, the so-called straight levels in Czech “hladinka”. That is why in Czech it is referred to as “hladinka” or “hladké” (straight). The beer drawn in this way allows all characteristics of the beer to come out and it is the most sought after beverage in all exceptional ale houses in Bohemia and Moravia.


The beer drawn by this unique method is not pasteurised or carbonated and that is why its taste is not changed in any way. You can enjoy the characteristic properties of Pilsen beer in its original form. It has beneficial effects on the digestion and thanks to the absence of carbon dioxide your stomach will not complain even if you manage “three large ones”.

So you can see for yourself. Isn’t it worth waiting a little while until it comes up “to its mark”?

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