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Lamb Roulade

800 g boneless lamb /shoulder/
pinch of salt
4 tablespoonfuls of oil
4 tablespoonfuls of butter

Filling: 4 round rolls, 50 ml sweet cream to moisten rolls, 2 eggs, pinch of salt, fresh parsley, pinch of ground white pepper and mace, 100 g smoked meat

Cut the rolls into small cubes and place in a bowl, moisten them with cream, add eggs, salt, chopped parsley, pepper, mace, finely cut smoked meat and mix well. Cut the lamb into slices, tenderise them and add salt. Spread the prepared filling over the entire area of the meat. Roll in carefully and tie thoroughly with string.  Put the roulade in a baking dish with oil and butter and first roast quickly at a high temperature in a preheated oven. Then lower the temperature, add some water and roast until tender while basting occasionally and adding a little water. A suitable side dish is leafy spinach and potato pancakes (made from boiled potatoes).

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