In our restaurant you can find meals prepared according to selected recipes from the cookery books of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers. You may be surprised at the variety of meals contained in them. We have kept them in their original form and adjusted some of them only slightly so as to be in line with current cooking practices.

Roast sirloin, knuckle of pork, chicken wings, apple pie …  And don’t be too surprised, the traditional Czech kitchen can also be healthy. Just have a look at our menu.


Cold Starters

  • 150g Cottage’s brawn – pig sticking with vinegar and onion … 99 CZK
  • 100g Beer cheese (whipped and mixed) with fried bread (4 pcs) … 99 CZK
  • 150g Mixed beef tartar finely cutted, 4 pcs fried bread and garlic … 199 CZK



  • 0,25 l Pinkas popular tripe soup … 69 CZK
  • 0,25 l Beef broth with liver dumplings and vegetable … 69 CZK


Hot Starters

  • 150g Sausages in dark beer with pepperoni and onion … 119 CZK
  • 100g Grilled Camembert cheese with cranberries … 119 CZK
  • 200g Finely smoked, spicy sausage with mustard and horseradish … 119 CZK


Traditional Czech specialties

  • 150g Pickled sausage with onion … 99 CZK
  • 100g Potato chips with herb dressing … 99 CZK
  • 100g Pickled cheese “Camembert” style with pepperoni … 99 CZK


Small Salads

  • 100g Red cabbage salad … 59 CZK


Old Bohemian Specialties and food of popular recipes since 1843

  • 150g Traditional roasted pork with two color cabbage and Bohemian dumpling variety … 199 CZK
  • 150g Old Bohemian beef in cream sauce with cranberries and dumplings … 199 CZK
  • 150g Pinkas beef goulash with Viennese dumplings … 199 CZK
  • 150g Fried chicken breast in corn dough, with mashed potatoes, cocktail sauce … 249 CZK
  • 1/4   Baked quarter of duck with apples and marjoram, served with Bohemian dumplings variety and two color cabbage … 299 CZK
  • 150g Fried cheese with fried potatoes & mayonnaise … 199 CZK



  • 200g Fried apples in the beer dough with caramel … 99 CZK 
  • 90g  Homemade Grandmother's pie … 79 CZK


Contract prices include VAT, valid from December 3rd, 2020
Restaurant director: František Novotný Chef: Robert Koura
Weights for hot meals are given raw.

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Following government restrictions, our restaurant reopened on Thursday, December 3rd.
We are looking forward to your visit!

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