Summer is an ideal time to prepare delicious meals on Grill. We prepared for you grilled delicacies in our Gothic garden. Come and enjoy it yourselves!


Grilled beer appetizers

  • Potato pancake with shredded pork meat and vegetables (100 g) … 139 CzK
  • Potato pancake with Camembert cheese and cranberry chutney (100 g) … 139 CzK


Delicacies from our smokehouse...

  • Freshly smoked sausages with mustard and horseradish (2 pcs) … 99 CzK
  • Smoked spicy sausage with mustard and horseradish (200 g) … 149 CzK
  • Smoked pork knee with mustard and horseradish (300 g) … 199 CzK


... and grill

  • Bread pancake stuffed with shredded pork, barbecue sauce and vegetables (150 g) … 149 CzK
  • Bread pancake with grilled bacon, fried egg, salad, onion, cucumber and sauce (150 g) … 149 CzK
  • Grilled white sausage with mustard and horseradish (150 g) … 149 CzK
  • Chicken steak marinated with rosemary * chicken breast marinated with rosemary and lemon (200 g) … 269 CzK
  • Pork steak with Decalogue spices * pork marinated with secret blend of herbs (250 g) … 299 CzK

* every steak is served with a small salad, mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise and bread


Is possible to reorder:

  • Bread (1 pc) … 10 CzK
  • Mustard (20g) … 35 CzK
  • Ketchup (20 g) … 35 CzK
  • Mayonnaise (20g) … 45 CzK
  • Cocktail sauce (20 g) … 35 CzK
  • Horseradish (20 g) … 45 CzK


Back Vytisknout tuto str.nku Pridat stranku do oblibenych polozek Zpet na za.atek stranky
In case of the feast of St. Martin´s Day we are preparing for you traditionally delicious menu, which starts on the 8th of November. Traditionally is served with St. Martin´s Day wine from the 11th of November.
We are looking forward to your visit!

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