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U Pinkasu Restaurant
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U Pinkasu – everyone is equal here!
Three floors, five stylish rooms, several aspects of Czech cuisine – come and taste the unique cuisine our chef has to offer and discover a treasured secret in Czech gastronomy!
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We cook, bake, fry, grill, roast, steam, stuff, stir and decorate – basically that’s what we know how to do best. Come and taste what we have to offer!

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Welcome U Pinkasù

Could Jakub Pinkas have guessed in 1843 that he was founding the most famous Old Czech “pub” with the most renowned beer – a place where the history of the nation would be formed?

Just as the River Vltava and Prague Castle are inherent parts of Prague, the genuine Czech love of good beer and cozy pubs can be considered to be national heritage. Just a few steps from Wenceslas Square, you can find a typical Czech restaurant called U Pinkasù, where Pilsner Urquell was first drawn in Prague as early as in 1843. First class and traditionally drawn beer is offered on three storeys and each of these premises will captivate its guests with distinctive cuisine as well as atmosphere.

And this is the reason why people like coming here – excellent Pilsen beer drawn in a traditional manner, genuine Czech cuisine, homely atmosphere and pleasant environment.

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U Pinkasu Restaurant
Jungmannovo namesti 16
110 00 Prague 1
Phone: +420 221 111 152
Fax:      +420 221 111 153
E-mail: provoz@upinkasu.cz

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