In our restaurant you can find meals prepared according to selected recipes from the cookery books of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers. You may be surprised at the variety of meals contained in them. We have kept them in their original form and adjusted some of them only slightly so as to be in line with current cooking practices.

Roast sirloin, knuckle of pork, chicken wings, apple pie …  And don’t be too surprised, the traditional Czech kitchen can also be healthy. Just have a look at our menu.


Valid from March 28th, 2024


Cold Starters

  • Cottage’s brawn – pig sticking with vinegar and onion Häusler Sülze  (150g) ... 129 CzK
  • Pickled sausage with onion (150g) … 129 CzK
  • Pickled cheese “Camembert” style with pepperoni (100g) … 159 CzK
  • Beer cheese (whipped and mixed) with fried bread (4pcs-100g) … 159 CzK
  • Mixed beef tartar finely cutted and flavored (4pcs) fried bread and garlic (150g) … 259 CzK


  • Pinkas popular tripe soup (0,25 l) … 119 CzK
  • Beef broth with liver dumplings and vegetable (0,25 l) … 99 CzK
  • Soup of the day (0,25 l) … 79 CzK

Hot Starters

  • Sausages in dark beer with pepperoni and onion (150g) … 149 CzK
  • Grilled Camembert cheese with cranberries (100g) … 159 CzK

Delicate Specialties with Beer

  • Potato chips with herb dressing (100g) … 99 CzK
  • Greaves spread served with garlic and parsley (100g) ... 99 CzK


Big Salads

  • Pinkas rich vegetable salad with marinated chicken breast, croutons and cocktail dressing (200g) … 269 CzK
  • Mixed salad with crispy bacon, eggs and croutons (200g) … 269 CzK
  • Vegetable salad with hemp, cottage cheese and croutons (200g) ... 269 CzK

Small Salads

  • Tomato salad with onion and wine dressing (100g) … 89 CzK
  • Mixed salad with “Feta” cheese (100g) … 99 CzK
  • Red cabbage salad (100g) … 89 CzK

Delicacy from the time of c. & k. monarchy

  • Fried pork chop, in the size of plates as in old Vienna (300g) … 349 CzK

      … what we recommend served with

  • Homemade potato salad (150g) … 69 CzK

Old Bohemian Specialties and food of popular recipes since 1843

  • Traditional roasted pork with two color cabbage (150g) … 299 CzK
  • Finely smoked pork neck with white cabbage, potato dumplings and fried onion (150g) … 299 CzK
  • Old Bohemian beef in cream sauce with cranberries, dumplings variety (150g) … 299 CzK
  • Pinkas beef goulash with Bohemian dumplings (150g) … 299 CzK
  • Fried chicken breast with fried potatoe slices and cocktail sauce (150g) … 319 CzK
  • Baked quarter of duck with apples and marjoram, served with Bohemian dumplings variety and two color cabbage (1/4) … 439 CzK

For our Gourmets and Feeders

  • Brewer’s meat roll – baked spicy meat wrapped in puff pastry (300g) … 269 CzK
  • Chicken legs baked with cabbage, cranberies and red wine (2 pc)  ... 349 CzK
  • Roast pork ribs in honey marinade, served with mustard, horseradish and marinated vegetable (500g) … 439 CzK
  • Pinkas baked pork knee, served with mustard and horseradish (1pcs) … 499 CzK
  • Old Bohemian garnished plate - smoked and roasted pork, duck, sausage, white and red cabbage, variation of dumplings (850g) ... 649 CzK


Vegetarian food

  • Fried cheese with fried potatoes and mayonnaise (150g) … 299 CzK
  • Cauliflower patties with mashed potatoes and mayonnaise (200g) ... 299 CzK


Sweet Specialties of Madame Brabec

  • Sundae with fruit cocktail, whipped cream and chocolate sauce  ... 99 CzK
  • Traditional Czech eclair with whipped cream and chocolate sauce (2pcs) … 99 CzK
  • Granny’s pie (120g) … 99 CzK

Side Dishes

  • Bread dumplings (4pcs) … 60 CzK
  • Potato dumplings (5pcs) … 60 CzK
  • Boiled potatoes (200g) … 60 CzK
  • Fried bread with garlic (4pcs) … 60 CzK
  • Red and white cabbage (150g) … 60 CzK
  • Baked potatoes with bacon (200g) … 60 CzK
  • Fried potatoe slices (150g) … 60 CzK
  • Bread – bun, bread (1pcs) … 15 CzK


  • Pickled vegetable (100g) … 65 CzK
  • Horseradish (20g) … 40 CzK
  • Mustard (20g) … 30 CzK
  • Mayonnaise (20g) … 40 CzK
  • Butter (20g) … 40 CzK


Contract prices include VAT, valid from March 28th., 2024
Restaurant director: František Novotný Chef: Robert Koura
Weights for hot meals are given raw.

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